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this is my story, part of a bigger one, a small piece that connects us all together.

The newest book from J.M. Huxley.

We are not what dreams are made of, but sometimes our dreams can lead us home. When a commercial airliner plunges into the heart of a young girl’s hometown, it seems a  harbinger of things to come. Nightmares of plane crashes become terrifying prophecies when losses to the skies continue through her time as a Southern California airborne traffic reporter and beyond, into a supernatural quest ignited by tragedy. But she will learn that while finding the truth might require the loss of everything that keeps her from it.

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Huxley's ability to connect the dots between reflections on life and concurrent spiritual milestones is cemented and equaled only by her ability to craft captivating portraits of these transitional moments…Milk and Honey Land is very highly recommended as an exceptionally vivid story of spiritual growth and life lessons, and will appeal to Christian readers, philosophical thinkers, and spiritual learners alike.


D. Donovan – Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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