Meet Janet

J.M. Huxley wants to live in a world where fewer people are colorblind—in a place where brilliant color can  be seen as supernatural symbolism and wild promise! Huxley was a broadcast news reporter in Southern California and the Midwest, Operations Director for the San Diego and Kansas City offices of Westwood One’s Metro Networks, and a fitness instructor at 24-Hr. Fitness, prior to homeschooling her children on a farm and blogging therapeutically about the radical shift of a city woman’s heart on the unbroken plains of Kansas. Huxley and her husband Kevin have eight children, five grandchildren, and more livestock than she cares to admit to, or than her children will allow her to talk about. She has a B.A. in Speech Communication from San Diego State University and a Master of Journalism from Temple University. She currently teaches high school classes a private academy in Kansas City and drinks a lot of coffee.

Kansas City, Kansas l

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