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Milk & Honey Land: A Story of Grief, Grace, and Goats

I quit blogging years ago. After all, everyone was beginning to do it - why continue to insert my unexceptional voice into an already crowded and vying ring? I wasn’t looking to be heard, and she who opens her mouth the most persistently (or the most vociferously) isn’t the most compelling, the most believable. (Necessarily, anyway.) The trouble with this perspective is, well, God. Not for the aforementioned reasons. For so many more.

In short, he pestered me to open my mouth again. And not just on a blog, in a book. And thus, my first, a memoir. Not mine, really. His. I just happen to be a part of HIStory.

Milk & Honey Land: A Story of Grief, Grace, and Goats will be out soon. In the meanwhile, I guess I’m blogging again. And you know what? I really do enjoy it! It is my hope I will be able to encourage you to begin thinking of your own story and how best to tell it. Most importantly, it is my prayer you will be able to see God all over it!



Kansas City, Kansas l jm@jmhuxley.com

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