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Endorsements for Milk & Honey Land: A Story of Grief, Grace, and Goats

As a weekly columnist for the Kansas City Star for almost ten years, I think I understand what makes for engaging prose. J.M. Huxley has one of the finest prose styles I have ever read. I am always impressed by her distinctive, warm and caring voice. She is a pleasure to read. Huxley and I are both fans of Charles Dickens, and I detect many of Dickens’ finest qualities in her writing, like her empathic ability to inhabit the hearts and souls of other people, as well as her attention to detail. I think this is an important element to Huxley’s wonderful style. She knows that God is in the details. I am jealous of Huxley’s uncanny, natural gift for writing. What she writes comes from her heart, and her heart is a beautiful place indeed.

Patrick Neas, Former program director for KXTR, Kansas City; Classical Music Writer for the Kansas City Star and publisher of the KC Arts Beat Facebook Page

You will laugh and cry with J.M. Huxley, whose writing is a unique combination of Erma Bombeck and Nora Ephron, who once said, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” Few women have a way of talking as frankly about their lives in a way that is both relivable and relatable and life on a farm with eight kids means escapades are new and original each day. Huxley’s life is now far from the high heels and short skirts she once wore and she resolves to find delight in finger nails that are painted in dirt and knees that are covered in worn out jeans as she takes care of a menagerie of kids and animals alike on her family farm. Huxley will enlighten you in her relationship with God as she takes you through the process of becoming acquainted with his presence and his gifts. Her ability to paint with words is truly likened to Rembrandt's paint brush, adding color to an otherwise overlooked canvas. For all to be able to share and relive her story is a gift God has surely bestowed on us.

Stacey Cohen - Nationally Syndicated News Anchor/Radio Talk Show Host


Kansas City, Kansas l jm@jmhuxley.com

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