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Be the Sunflower

Why does taking a stand for some IDEA mean disparaging some ONE?

When does desiring truth imply at all costs?

How have we become so blind to our own hypocrisy?

Just because I see value in a system that differs from yours doesn’t mean my understanding is invalid. It doesn’t mean I don’t desire the best life for each and every human heart that beats.

The opinions. The hate. The protestations of love for the marginalized with declarations of abhorrence for those who aren’t.

Be a peacemaker.

Be the better world you wish to see.

Plant sunflowers at stop signs and pick wildflowers along the road.

Pick up trash that isn’t yours and allow someone in your traffic lane over.

Buy the homeless guy under the bridge a cup of coffee. Fill the gas tank of an elderly person. Talk to the rejected.

Paint rainbows across the sky with a smile.

Love the person you know dislikes you.



Do something good in the world.

Be the sunflower among thistles.


Kansas City, Kansas l jm@jmhuxley.com

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