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The Prayer Window

We all need one.

A secret place all ours. One set apart and exclusive, where we can be reminded of who we are.

A place where silence mediates.

Where it makes a way for God.

And there, repentance and reasoning, authenticity and gratitude, find sanctuary.

War finds a place to rest.

It's on my own battlefield that God and I meet. The enemy advances and I need assistance!

The specific location is immaterial, yet a consequence of my choice. Whether in a park or a car or an office or a bathroom with little fingers underneath the door, the space is mine to create. And so I do. Sometimes it's in my dark closet after my husband and my children are asleep, or at the dock when the winter winds are still and pink is painted across the twilight sky. Sometimes it's in the barn as I am doing chores, when the air is still and nature holds her breath, when the sun is out and when the stars are beginning to take their turn too.

And sometimes it's at my prayer window. My place of remembering!

I can see for miles from this window! Across acres and acres of native prairie grass, the kind that's tall and strong, as it has been from the beginning, past the tops of young trees with leaves declaring victory, and the ones that have deep roots in the ground too. Beyond fields plowed and planted, and acres grazed and lived upon. When I look out my window, I see a planet vibrant and strong, in constant flow, ever changing, always waving, under a big sky that makes me feel small in a good way.

When I look out my window I remember that my connection isn't severed. It's always open and forever will be.

I remember!

And I am mindful of a world who's Creator is still mindful of every single atom, each small detail, no matter how things may appear. I am grateful for it all, starting with the oxygen that fills my lungs!

I think of Daniel too, the Bible's Daniel, for I want to be like him! For many reasons, but the way he prayed is at the top of my list. It's written that Daniel got down on his knees in front of his window to give thanks to God three times a day.

At least three times a day.

Knowing Daniel's character, I think it's safe to say he prayed a lot more than that.

I want to be like Daniel! I want to get down on my knees and pray as often as he did, but I'm not even close.

Even though opportunity, my secret place, is always available.

God makes a way for all to enter into their own, and there He is always waiting with open ears and wide arms.

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