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Dynamic Purpose

Sometimes God puts a thing on a heart long before its ready to believe in the possible.

And often, it isn’t a heart’s purpose but the means by which to arrive there.

I think broadcast reporting did that for me. It was something I aspired to, furtively desired long before I felt capable. Long before I realized it was something God had wired me to do.

The word "broadcast" as related to a career once seemed the most satisfying thing in the world to me. Even more gratifying was the inclusion of "news" or "reporter" to the job title. Oh, how those words made me feel—all electric and tingly and strangely hopeful, like chocolate-loving Charlie when hearing “Willy Wonka” or “Golden Ticket”, in spite of an understanding that, like Charlie, I might never be among the fortunate, those destined to make it beyond the large iron gates out front to see up close the thing my own heart longed for.

News broadcasting was dynamic purpose, as far as I was concerned, and I wanted Dynamic Purpose!

Don’t we all?

But I had Dynamic Purpose all wrong.

The story of how I found myself reporting from the Southern California skies as a traffic reporter and then on the ground as a news broadcaster, training for much greater Dynamic Purpose than I could ever have conceived, is too lengthy for such a space as this. But suffice it to say the experiences delivered me to another place entirely, to a farm on the Kansas prairie where true purpose was revealed to me through years of hardship, suffering, and joy, and it was far more dynamic than anything I could have imagined.

Sometimes, God puts a thing on the heart that isn’t the destiny but the means by which to achieve it.

Each achievement is preparation for the next step, the Dynamic Purpose to come in vibrant, vigorous devotion to life.

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