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Praying Summertime

Summers are for vacations and book reading, for sitting and relaxing and taking deep breaths outside. For luxuriating in the earth's kindness, for celebrating all her glory. Summer is when the good winds move and life hums and little creatures can be heard stretching their wings.

When water is refreshing as it spills over itself in trickles, splashes, and waves, and the sun, when not too boastful or mean, soothes the skin.

Summer is the sweet scent of barbecue that makes you want to run through smooth sand or freshly cut grass barefoot and laugh like you did as a child because everything seems new again and right.

And hope is a thing you carry around in your pocket every day, because summer means respite. A break. Through all obligation and labor and commitment, all activities, it waits there for us, a gift for the taking. An opportunity available for our discretion.

But that's just it. It's our discretion that can make it or break it. So, the idea of weeks at a stretch, or even days, uninterrupted with nothing to do but to sit on the porch and drink lemonade is, well, discretionary.

We don't always make the best decisions. We don't always have the choice either. Coming to terms with both can be frustrating.

When you can't find the time to decompress and nourish yourself to life, when summer sits out on your front lawn like the proverbial dangling carrot you can't reach and the promise of it fails to come to fruition, there's only one thing to do.


Summertime can be found in prayer. Because time spent there, talking to God, is peace. It's sacred and filling, a place of escape. It's where the sun can be found in all kinds of weather and the good wind too, where water soothes and refreshes and there are little park benches to sit on.

Praying is the only thing that allows me to keep my summertime, my sanity. There's never a season that turns out the way I'd like it to but I'm working on that through prayer. There are so many things I can't change in regard to my overloaded schedule. But there are a few I can change.

Finding the time to pray is at the top of my list. It's there I will always find my summertime.

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