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Your No is Someone Else's Yes

I have to level with you. I've gotten too busy. Too busy to answer emails. Too busy to interact with friends. Too busy to write.

Our society thinks busy is grand, that it's something to be proud of. If we are busy, we're doing important work.

But to me, being as busy as I am is, well, embarrassing. And insufferably full of my ego.

I am so busy right now, I'm a wreck most days. I like to say, "I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of None," but the truth is, my schedule has kept me from all I can be and reduced me to the least of me.

I say, "yes" to too many things.

And "no" to the things that matter. But I'm working on it.

And you know what I've learned? I've learned that if you say "yes" to the things that God would have you say, "yes" to, the things you should say, "no" to have a way of working themselves out. My "no" is someone else's "yes".

I've also learned that if I say, "yes" to the things God wants me to say "yes" to, He'll cover the "no" things I once responded with a "yes" to. I don't have to have a plan to save the universe. That's His job.

This makes perfect sense.

So pray for me! I'm a work in progress.



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