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Scattering Good Like Wildflower Seeds

I choose to see it. The good in people. It's something within my control.

I choose to be it. The good that resides in me. It's something I determine.

Every day I am alive on this earth I can choose to create it, to be a force for it, to grow it exponentially.

Good is the power of the Living Spirit inside me.

Some days, I feel as if I'm overflowing with good--it's the joy I feel in bubbles inside my chest and the way the air feels, crisp and clean. It's the love I feel for strangers and the indescribable emotion I have for my family and friends. Circumstances are immaterial, mean people can't bring me down, sour people aren't able to contaminate my air. When God is tangible in obvious ways, when I feel His floral breath on my cheek and the ecstasy of His presence near me. When I feel the world grown in honeysuckle without a winter in sight.

Other days...well, other days are cold and hard.

But I fight for it, the good. It's still there. It's still accessible. And it's still for distribution to others in the world around me. God is always present. With splendid gifts and fragrant bouquets.

So what is our problem? Why is our society so out of whack? Why aren't we taking him up on His good? It seems we want the dark and rotten over what's sweet. Sometimes it seems we can't help ourselves.

I have a few thoughts on that but I'll hold them for another day. Today, well, today, I want to do my part.

I want to hand out a few lovely presents myself. Not only that, I want to avoid hurting people. I don't want to be what stinks!

I'm witnessing a lot of mistreatment of humans by other humans these days. Not in large, horrifying, arrest-warranting ways, but in small acts of ugliness and egregious selfishness, and it blows my mind. It hurts my heart. Some days, I need to go home and have a good cry.

It's so easy to give sweet good.

And to watch it grow around you, like wildflowers sprung up from traveling seeds.

The wind carries what you allow it to.

When you endeavor to treat others kindly, to understand their points of view and to love them right where they are--to see, truly see, the good in them, you produce more good in your own life. You allow good to flourish.

You plant seeds.

This doesn't mean you must agree with other points of view, it doesn't mean you shouldn't avoid toxic situations. Good is finding it, then tilling the soil for it's flourishing, a place for common ground in this thing called life. It's being it, standing in the fertile place where it lives, avoiding gossip and backstabbing, small talk and negative thoughts in favor of encouraging words, affirmations and support for your colleagues, group members, and family. Strangers too.

It's refraining from judgment.

It's being Jesus.

Oh, that I could do those things today. Oh, that I could make a trip to Costco and not have unkind thoughts! (Never is my faith more challenged than at Costco when encountering other shoppers! Especially when I'm exhausted.)

God help me!

Let's all try to find the good today and to look it squarely in the face. Grab onto it and distribute it. Enjoy the fruit of it. Bathe in the peace and beauty of it. Good is always available. It's your choice to scatter and reap a harvest on the side of your road.

Photos Taken on Our Kansas Property and Gravel Road, Where We Have Plenty of Wildflowers

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." ~ Philippians 4:8


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