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The Color of God

When I think about God, I think about color.

Is that weird? That when I imagine God, I see hues of all kinds--vibrant, expressive, and alive, as opposed to any concept I may have of his image, or of any one of his specific creations?

The concept of God may have you think of the Bible, a picture of Jesus, the cross, or a natural wonder. The face of a newborn. A butterfly.

All of those things make me think of God too. A hot cup of coffee on a snowy day. The smell of freshly cut grass in the summertime. Wildflowers and sunsets and laughter.

Chocolate cake. :-)

And color.

When I think of God, I think about color.

I guess that's why the rainbow is so dear to me.

I suppose I'm a little rainbow obsessed.

Color, and rainbows, are my narrative these days. They sure beat all the heartache I see around me.

Somehow, they remind me of good. So I write about them. Not all of them, of course.

Okay, so we know rainbows metaphorically as promises. Love. But what if we were to think of rainbows as symbolic?

What if we were to see rainbows as God's way of giving us a glimpse of him?

What if color was demonstrative of God's love for us? What if it was symbolic of his heart?

It would change the way we see rainbows.

It would change the way we respond to color.

Maybe you have your own rainbow stories like me. Maybe they've been God's way of communicating with you. Maybe he's shown his devotion for you through rainbows.

Maybe you've noticed.

Rainbows have always been about love.

From the beginning of time, cultures around the world have had countless interpretations on the rainbow.

Because the rainbow is something one takes notice of.

Have you ever stopped to consider why? Why does the sight of a rainbow do something to your heart? Why does a rainbow in nature seem supernatural?

Why is the rainbow something that is hard to ignore?

Why is color something we respond to emotionally?

Could the color arch, the rainbow, be a reminder of things we know inately, one of those concepts needing no explanation, current and ancient interpretations aside?

Could you imagine a world without color? Perhaps that's the best place to start. Only then can one understand the gift of color, the promise found in the rainbow.

Oh, there is so much more to it than that. But noticing it is a start.

The next time you see a rainbow, think on these things. See what comes to mind.

See in color.

Color is where light is.

And where there is light, there is God.